Repair & restoration

January , 2021

We have been accepting rehairs for some months now, with appropriate masks and person to person separation. If you are being even more cautious, we can come to the outside door to receive your bow. As part of regular rehair protocol, we wash our hands frequently, and wipe the stick with alcohol to clean off the rosin, so even in normal times, your bow ends up pretty sanitized.

In general, for now, we make appointments for rehairs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The normal turn around time is 24 hours, or overnight. You can arrange to drop off your bow on a different day, but we will put the hair in on one of those days in almost all cases. Often the shop is closed on Thursdays.

Our hours are absolutely by appointment, and we don’t arrive until 10:00 am, but prefer it if you come after 10:30. If you don’t make an appointment, we will not feel obliged to prioritize finishing your rehair in 24 hours. We recommend making an appointment for a rehair about a week in advance.

I recognize that many people prefer to communicate by text or email these days, but please call for a rehair appointment. Our land line doesn’t accept texts, and if you message me through this website, it may take a few days to message back and forth, and by that time, you may have missed an opportunity for an appointment. Phone appointments will always take priority for me. Our number is 617 491 0781, where you can reach me or Mariia.






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