Repair & restoration

For several years I have been only rehairing a limited number of bows in order to keep my time for more making. Many players have been hoping that I would make an exception for them, and mostly I limited my availability to those who bought bows from me, or were playing on bows that I made.

I am pleased to announce that beginning around mid-March, 2016, I will be again accepting rehairs.

The reason for this change in policy is that I have found a new assistant, Mariia Gorkun, from Ukraine, and she will be coming to work for me in the shop in March.

I have been looking for an able assistant for some time. Mariia has been my student for several years, coming to my bowmaking workshops and studying further in my shop. She is a talented bowmaker, and a highly accomplished violinist with a degree from Longy School of Music here in Cambridge. Since 2013, she has had her own shop in Kyiv, as well as playing in the Kyiv Opera, and has established herself there as the best bow work practitioner in the city. Kyiv’s loss is our gain.

Mariia and I will collaborate on the shop’s bow rehair work and the quality will be second to none!

Please call for an appointment.



Violinbowmaker David Hawthorne in Boston MA